Submersible pump

  • CR/CRS/CRC series (Resin pump)

  • Non-Clog Channel Type with Chopper

  • Non-Clog Channel Type CNWX series

    CNWX series
    High efficiency and high solid passage capability (100% solid passage against discharge size)
  • Non-Clog Channel Type CN/CN-MT/CNH・CNL series

    CN/CN-MT/CNH・CNL series
    Wide range of flow rates and discharge head
  • CN series (Large discharge size)

    Forced cooling type and natural cooling type
    Wide range of flow rates and discharge head
  • CNX (Closed-loop cooling)

    3 types (High, Medium and Low head) of impeller for each output
    3 inch solid passage
  • JSA series

    Submersible Aerator (Self-aspirating Type)
    JSA series
    Easy installation and operation
  • J・JF・JA・JAF series

    Submersible Ejector
    J・JF・JA・JAF series
    Suctioned air is ejected with water jet flow into a tank to perform aeration and mixing.


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