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  • Features: Wet-installed submersible motor, IP68,Class F. With non-clog impeller, doublemechanical seal, built-in leakage and over-heat protection control. Auto setter or non- auto setter installation type.

    Application: Used for municipal waste water treatment plant, building waste water treatment
    plant, animal & poultry farm waste water treatment system and various industry waste water treatment system.

  • Features: Wet-installed submersible motor IP68 Class F. High performance impeller without blocking fouls, equipped with diffuser pipe for air bubble exhaustion. Low noise, double mechanical seal, built in leakage and over-heat protection.

    Applications: Use for industrial wastewater treatment aeration, effluence treatment of livestock husbandry and general foul sewer aeration, activated sludge wastewater treatment process.

  • Feature: Wet-installed submersible motorIP68 Class F. Special designed impeller and aerationhousing distributed with 12 or 14 spay channelsoutlet to make air become tiny bubbles. Double mechanical seal, built in leakage andover-heat protection control.

    Applications: Use for industrial sewage treatment groundwater aeration, activator sludge waste water treatment process.
  • Submersible Axial-Flow/Mixed-Flow

    Features: Wet-installed submersible motor,IP68,Class F. With axial-flow or mixed-flow impeller,single stage. Steel pipe column installation type. Built-in five protection control system.

    Applications: Use for irrigation and drainage of agricultural field. Also in supply and sewerage water of factory. Mine dock, urban construction water supply works and power station.
  • Submersible Vortex

    Features: Wet-installed submersible motor,IP68, Class F. Vortex typeimpeller, double mechanical seal. Auto setter or non-auto setter installation type.

    Applications: The base of building drainage equipment and sewer drainage works. Civil and architectural engineering construction. Farm irrigation and pasturage drainage. Cabin pounding and waste water drainage. Drainage of waste water treatment.
  • Submersible Mixer

    Features: Wet-installed submersible motor IP68.Class F, with self – cleaning impeller, double mechanical seal. Built – in leakage and over –heat protection control. Can be installed with or without dome.

    Application: Use for mixing agitating and making ring flows in the process of municipal and industrial sewage treatment, activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank, mixing tank, sludge silos equalizing reservoir, sewage tank and etc.
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